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Air Rose Pro
Appliance TypeWall Type
Scenting Capacity1500 cubic
Weight2050 gram
Wolume (From 1 meter)17 db
Electrical Connection220-240/50 hz
Height29 cm
Width15 cm
Depth10 cm

Air Rose Pro Max
Appliance TypePlace Type
Scenting Capacity3000 cubic
Weight5500 gram
Volume (From 1 meter)17 db
Electrical Connection220-240/ 50 hz
Height39 cm
Width15 cm
Depth18 cm

Air Rose home bamboo room fragrance

Our Air Rose Sticks room fragrances change the atmosphere of the environment while refreshing and relaxing your home. Crafted with premium oils and alcohol-free formula, our scent sticks release their inspiring aroma slowly and evenly for about 30 days. Thanks to its ease of use, it is very easy to increase and decrease the intensity of the odor. There are 6 reed sticks in the set. You just need to change the number of these aroma sticks.

Air Rose home room fragrance

Air Rose Room Fragrance adds energy, warmth, serenity and pleasure to living spaces with its scent that creates a feeling of comfort and happiness.

Air Rose Barrier

It emits a fresh scent of cleaning. It protects against clogging by preventing the entry of foreign substances into the drain of the urinals, and when it comes into contact with water, the disinfectant and lime inhibitor in its content are activated, preventing the formation of bad odors in the urinal and also ensures that the urinal surface remains clean for a long time. Lifetime is about 30 days

Air Rose Air Conditioner Fragrance

It is placed in front of the filters in air conditioners. It releases fresh and pleasant scents into the environment. It is an environmentally friendly and safe product since it does not contain chemicals such as solvent, alcohol and pressurized gas, as only air flow is required for odor release to occur. Its effect lasts about 20 days.