Corporate fragrance

Air Rose scenting devices provide long-term and effective scenting in your workplace or office. Providing corporate fragrance services, Air Rose identifies brands with space fragrances with signature scents designed specifically for company identities in hotels,
shopping malls, shops, sports halls and hospitals.

It Is an Important part of our lIfe; Fragrances

It has been scientifically proven that scents affect our thoughts and spirits. Smells can take people to an old memory or another place, as well as increase or decrease their appetite or energy. The reason that scents and colors are often in the same line is the information stored by our 5 sensory organs in our memory. Strawberry scent often reminds us of pink or red color. Lavender is purple. These are the synthesis of information stored in the brain, and our mood can be described by scents and colors. In many countries, psycho therapies also benefit from scenting methods.

Shop Scent Selected In Store Fragrance

The store scent selected in store scent is very important, while designing the brand-specific corporate fragrance, the brand-specific corporate fragrance is designed by taking into account many features such as the customer profile of the store, the type of product it sells, its location, colors and width.