Since 2011, in the fields of professional fragrance, machine and fragrance cartridge production with the Air Rose Brand

 Air Rose Corporate Fragrance Systems provides service in the field of professional scent systems, creating a corporate fragrance that matches your brand to your company’s customers and enables you to serve in a better, cleaner area. It increases the quality of your company with its special scent system for your brand.

The main sources of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are plants.

Concealed in many plants, hidden in roots, seeds, flowers and bark, there are concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds. These natural compounds are essential oils and are obtained by the distillation of these herbs.

As the Air Rose family, we offer you the purest, highest quality essential oils and products.

“All of our essential oils have MSDS reports, İfra Documents and Allergen Reports.”

Our company also serves the wholesale supply of our fragrance produced in Turkey.

The ingredients and raw materials of our corporate fragrances and all our fragrances prepared for the end consumer are produced by applying IFRA rules without compromising high quality.

“All of our fragrances have MSDS reports, İfra Documents and Allergen Reports.”

Air Rose Corporate operates in the fields of scenting large areas, removing bad odors and professional hygienic solutions. It offers real professional solutions thanks to its permanent solutions and high technologies.

Our company produces the devices with the most effective and healthy scent diffusion technology, which is the most preferred in the world in the field of professional environment scenting and scent marketing.

Micro Diffusion Technology is a high-level technology that separates the liquid flavours into particles close to 1 per 500 microns and enables them to spread effectively into the environment.

Our diffusion devices use advanced technology on the one hand and provide ease of use on the other hand.

Our devices are produced to meet all kinds of needs thanks to their stylish designs and high-level technologies. In addition, we ensure that you create awareness by making corporate fragrance specific to your brand.

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