The store scent selected in store scent is very important, while designing the brand-specific corporate fragrance, the brand-specific corporate fragrance is designed by taking into account many features such as the customer profile of the store, the type of product it sells, its location, colors and width.

According to some researches, smells as well as memories have a significant place in the memory of people. It is a scientifically tested fact that olfactory memory lasts longer than visual memory. For these reasons, the importance of the fragrance to be chosen in commercial use is of great importance.

One of the most striking facts revealed by the studies is that the products of brands, especially those defined as “big brands”, have a different value for consumers beyond the visible physical product features they contain. High perceived value is one of the main factors for a brand to become a market leader. In short, the market performance of a brand with high perceived value increases in parallel. With correct fragrance, the perceived value increases. For example;

The experiment conducted by a worldwide sports shoe company is one of the most interesting experiments on this subject: A pair of x brand running shoes are placed in two separate rooms, everything inside is decorated in the same way. While a mixed flower scent was given to one room, the other room was not given a scent. In the later survey, 84% of the subjects preferred shoes in the scented room, with an even more interesting result being that the prices of shoes in the scented room were estimated to be higher.